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Uncertain, but known to be extant c. II 543 - II 7271
Vëantur's house was on the southern shores of the bay of Rómenna in eastern Númenor
ve-a'ntoorr (where 'rr' indicates that the final 'r' sound should be pronounced)


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The great adventurer of Númenor


A famous navigator of early Númenórean history, who served as Captain of the King's Ships under Tar-Elendil, the fourth King of Númenor. He was the first of the Númenóreans to achieve the voyage back to Middle-earth, reaching the Grey Havens in his ship Entulessë in the six hundredth year of the Second Age.



We have no definite dates of birth or death for Vëantur. Our earliest date connected to him is II 543, the approximate date that his daughter Almarian was born, and we know that he lived until at least II 727, when he returned from his last voyage to Middle-earth. By comparison with other members of his generation, we can assume that he was probably born in about the year II 390, and almost certainly did not survive beyond about the year II 790.


Vëantur's name is not explained. Given his profession as a mariner, an interpretation along the lines of 'sea-lord' seems appropriate, and indeed vëa is recorded as a rare Elvish word for 'sea'. This connection is supported somewhat by Vëandur, the original name of Isildur's third son, which was later changed to Ciryon, a name that clearly contains the element for 'ship'. Vëa could also mean 'wind', which might also be suggestive for a captain of sailing vessels.

As an unrelated alternative, in Elvish vëa was more usually an adjective meaning 'manly' or 'vigorous', so a meaning along the lines of 'vigorous lord' could also be a reasonable interpretation of Vëantur's name.


About this entry:

  • Updated 24 March 2020
  • Updates planned: 1

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