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The first Lord, Hador, was appointed in approximately I 419; the last, Hador's grandson Húrin, was captured and imprisoned in I 472
Dor-lómin, a fief of the High Kings of the Noldor that lay to the south of Hithlum
The first Lord, Hador, was appointed to the Lordship by High King Fingolfin
Dor-lómin is pronounced 'do'rr-loa'min' (where 'rr' indicates that the 'r' of Dor should be distinctly pronounced)
Dor-lómin means 'land of echoes'
Title of
Three Lords in direct line of succession: Hador, Galdor and Húrin


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Lord of Dor-lómin

Title of the descendants of Hador Lórindol



The descent of the Lords of Dor-lómin, with those who held the Lordship shown in bold text. Túrin would have been the natural heir to the Lordship, but the land of Dor-lómin fell under the power of Morgoth after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

A title created by Fingolfin when he granted the land of Dor-lómin to Hador and his descendants as a hereditary fief.

I Hador (Ruled for approximately 36 years from c. I 4191 to I 455)
Hador became a follower of Fingolfin as a youth, and was granted the Lordship of Dor-lómin in reward for his service. He remained the ruler of the fief until the time of the Dagor Bragollach, when he fell defending Fingolfin's fortress of Barad Eithel.
II Galdor (Ruled for 7 years to I 462)
During Galdor's short rule, the people of Dor-lómin saw their numbers swelled by refugees fleeing Morgoth's conquest of Dorthonion (among these was Morwen, who would wed Galdor's heir Húrin). Galdor himself was slain defending the walls of Barad Eithel, as his father Hador had been just seven years earlier.
III Húrin (Ruled for 10 years2 to I 472)
The eldest son of Galdor inherited his father's title to become the last of the Lords of Dor-lómin. In his time a great assault was planned on Morgoth's stronghold of Angband, an assault that turned into the disaster known as the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. Húrin himself was captured in that battle, and his lands were granted to invading Easterlings by the victorious Morgoth.



We don't know exactly when Fingolfin established Hador as Lord of Dor-lómin. All we know for sure is that he entered Fingolfin's service while still a young man. How long Hador served the King before being made the first Lord is uncertain, but the phrasing in The Silmarillion seems to imply that it was sooner rather than later. The estimate of I 419 here assumes that Hador would have been about thirty years old when he became Lord.


That is, Húrin dwelt in Dor-lómin and ruled the land for ten years, until he was thought to have been slain in the Nirnaeth (when his son Túrin returned briefly to Dor-lómin, he was recognised as Lord by those who had followed his father's house). Húrin, however, had not been slain, but was held captive in Angband for twenty-eight years. In the event, he outlived his son Túrin, and was thus definitively the last of the three true Lords.


About this entry:

  • Updated 27 August 2020
  • Updates planned: 1

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