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III 18791 - III 1998 (lived 119 years); acted as de facto Ruler of Gondor for one year from III 1944
Steward of Gondor; Pelendur was effectively Ruling Steward for a year from III 1944 to III 1945, but that actual title did not come into general use until the time of his grandson Mardil


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Steward to King Ondoher

Stewards of Gondor

The Steward to King Ondoher of Gondor, who was thrust into a position of power when his King, together with both of that King's heirs, was lost in battle with the Wainriders. With the Council of Gondor, it fell to Pelendur to select a successor. There were two candidates: Arvedui of Arthedain, and Eärnil, the Gondorian Captain and victor of the Battle of the Camp, who was descended from the Royal House of Gondor.

As the direct descendant of Isildur himself, it could be said that Arvedui had the stronger claim, but Pelendur moved the Council to elect Eärnil, who took the Kingship as Eärnil II. All available evidence suggests that Pelendur continued to serve as Steward under the new King.

Pelendur was a highly influential Steward, who accrued considerable power to his office. As well as effectively acting as regent during the interregnum, it was during his time that the office of Steward became hereditary. When Pelendur died, he was succeeded as Steward by his son Vorondil, and his grandson Mardil was to become the first of the Stewards to rule Gondor in his own right.



The date of Pelendur's birth appears only in The History of Middle-earth volume XII, The Peoples of Middle-earth. It cannot therefore be considered completely reliable.


The -(n)dur ending of Pelendur's name clearly means 'servant' (as in his official Elvish title Arandur, meaning 'King's servant'). The initial pele(n)- element is less certain, but probably derives from the Elvish for a surrounded or fortified area, as in the Pelennor ('fenced land') that surrounded Minas Tirith. Indeed, Pelendur's name may imply that he was the 'servant of the (people of) the Pelennor'.


About this entry:

  • Updated 23 January 2011
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