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Destroyed at the end of the First Age
In Arvernien, westward of the Mouths of Sirion on the northern shore of the Bay of Balar
ni'mbrethil ('th' as in English 'breath')
Not generally populated, but timber from these woods was used by the Elves1
'White birches'2


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The birchwoods of Arvernien

Map of the birchwoods of Nimbrethil

A region of birchwoods that lay in the land of Arvernien, on the northern shore of the Bay of Balar. Wood from the forests of Nimbrethil was used by Eärendil to construct his ship Vingilot.



Our only specific reference to these woods being visited at all is to the fact that their timber was used by Eärendil to build his ship Vingilot. He did this under the guidance of Círdan, which rather implies that the Elves were using the birchwoods of Nimbrethil to build vessels of their own, though this is never stated outright.


The Elvish word brethil is usually translated 'silver birch', so taken literally Nimbrethil can be interpreted 'white silver birch'. The silver birch has a close relative known as the white birch, and it is presumably to this white birch that the name Nimbrethil applies.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 6 August 2018
  • Updates planned: 1

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