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How do I send e-mail?

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You can send us e-mail through our Send E-mail page, but please do check to make sure your question isn't already covered on this page (or elsewhere on the site) first.

We get a huge volume of mail, to the extent that it really isn't possible to answer all of it. The vast majority of our mail consists of questions about Tolkien's world, or points about the contents of the site - in these cases, we're not usually able to give a detailed reply by mail, but we do log every question asked. This FAQ is constantly updated with answers to the more popular questions we're asked. Please don't be offended if you don't receive a personal reply to your message - unfortunately the sheer volume of mail we receive means that it's simply impossible to reply to everybody.

Interactive Edition and iOS Apps

Note that we don't handle these applications directly, but you can get support through our Send E-mail page. Just pick the type of support you need, and we'll send your message on to the appropriate support desk.

Anonymous Messaging

To try to reduce the problem of e-mail overload, we've built an anonymous messaging system into the site, to give you a quick one-way method of contacting us. Instead of sending e-mail, you can help us by typing any comments or suggestions into the box on the Send E-mail page, and clicking 'Send'. You won't receive a reply using this method (that's how it helps us cope with our mail mountain!) but your message will reach us just as if you had used conventional e-mail.

To send an anonymous message, all you need to do is use our Send E-mail form and leave your address blank.

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