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The first line of Kings descended from Anárion ruled II 3320 - III 1944 (2,065 years); after an interregnum of one year, the royal line was briefly restored III 1945 - III 2050 (105 years)1
The Heirs of Anárion were Kings of the South-kingdom of Gondor
Meneldil son of Anárion was appointed King of Gondor by High King Isildur, and later established his line as Kings of an independent realm
The seat of the Heirs was originally at Osgiliath, but later moved to Anárion's tower of Minas Anor, which would eventually be renamed Minas Tirith
Anárion is pronounced 'anah'rion'
Anárion apparently means 'Sun-son'
Other names
The Heirs of Anárion could claim the titles Heir of Elendil, King of Gondor and King of the Southern Realm2
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Heir of Anárion

Meneldil and his descendants

After Anárion's son Meneldil took on the sole Kingship of Gondor, it was made a hereditary title that passed down to his descendants. So, each of the next thirty Kings, over two thousand years of Middle-earth's history, was an Heir of Anárion to some degree. The direct line from Anárion only lasted for ten generations to the childless Tarannon Falastur, but an heir was found from within Anárion's descendants. As history unfolded, the direct line was broken several times, but a suitable heir was always found until the time when Eärnur was lost in Minas Morgul. He was the last Heir of Anárion to hold the throne, and the last King of Gondor until the coming of Aragorn, nearly a thousand years later.

For a detailed genealogical chart and list showing Anárion and his heirs, see the entry for King of Gondor.



The last King of Gondor who was an Heir of Anárion was Eärnur, who was lost in III 2050. The Kingship of Gondor was restored by Aragorn Elessar in III 3019, but Aragorn was not an Heir of Anárion, but an Heir of Isildur, who was Anárion's elder brother.


These titles were all held by Heirs of Anárion through the first two millennia of the Third Age, but they were not exclusive to that line. There were other Heirs of Elendil in the North-kingdom (specifically the Heirs of Isildur, who was Elendil's elder son). As noted above, after the War of the Ring, Aragorn Elessar of Isildur's line re-established the Kingship of Gondor, though he was not an Heir of Anárion.

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